Community Development Charge (CDC)

The Community Development Charge (CDC) was established for the benefit of the Community Authority, as a charge on each Chargeable Parcel within the Community District. The purpose of the CDC is to cover all or part of the cost of the acquisition, development, construction, operation and maintenance of land, Community Land Development and Community Facilities.

The annual CDC is based on the Assessed Valuation of each Chargeable Parcel in the amount of the number of mills (one mill equals 1/10of 1%) as determined by the Board of Trustees, not to exceed 9.75 mills. One-half of the annual CDC is due and payable semiannually on due dates as determined by the Board of Trustees. The CDC is currently collected by Franklin County with the Property Tax collections in January and June of each year. The CDC is in addition to other property taxes collected by Franklin County.

An example of the how the CDC is calculated is shown below:

Market Value of Property                                    $100,000.00
Assessed Value (35% of Market Value)                  35,000.00
Times: Mills as set forth by the Board                        .00340
Annual Community Development Charge                  119.00

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Notice of CDC 2020 for Collection for 2021

If the official Franklin County Assessed Valuation of any Chargeable Parcel is reduced for any year by the Franklin County Board of Revision or the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals, then upon application of the owner, the Assessed Valuation shall be reduced to the new amount for that year and the CDC for such year shall be proportionately reduced. If any installment of the CDC has been paid before the date of such reduction the Board of Trustees shall credit the same against any other amounts due or to become due with respect to that Chargeable Parcel.  See Application for Reduction and Valuation Form.

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